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Still The Same

Events you might like:. Music Performance. Share this event. Music Party. Save This Event Log in or sign up for Eventbrite to save events you're interested in. Sign Up. Already have an account? Log in. Log in. Mixtapes Forums Lyrics Artists add Journals. Artists - B. Bob Seger — Still The Same. Read More Edit Wiki. You always won everytime you placed a bet You're still damn good No one's gotten to you yet Everytime they were sure they had you caught You were quicker than they thought You'd just turn your back and walk You always said The cards would never do you wrong The trick you said Was never play the game too long A gambler's share The only risk that you would take The only loss you could forsake The only bluff you couldn't fake And you're still the same I caught up with you yesterday Moving game to game No one standing in your way Turning on the charm Long enough to get you by You're still the same You still aim high There you stood Everybody watched you play I just turned and walked away I had nothing left to say 'Cause you're still the same You're still the same Moving game to game Some things never change You're still the same Edit Lyrics Edit Wiki Add Video.

Lyrics powered by LyricFind. Still The Same song meanings. Add your thoughts 57 Comments. General Comment personally i think it's about an ex girlfriend and she gambles her love. She's a player or she's too afraid to get close or both. You always won everytime you placed a bet You're still damn good No one's gotten to you yet Everytime they were sure they had you caught You were quicker than they thought You'd just turn your back and walk Pretty much every time she wanted someone she could get them.

Still the Same (Bob Seger song)

If they wanted her she would just walk away so she didn't get attached. She's still a player There was an error. Posted from segerfile. Seger: "It's an amalgamation of characters I met when I first went to Hollywood. All Type A personalities It was another great reason to base out of Michigan. August Seger: "The person that I'm singing about You overlook everything because of the charisma. That's a gift and a curse.

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I was actually writing about several people that I had met throughout my lifetime Flag Krugkopf on February 08, In fact, I heard this song on the radio several months back, and immediately I thought of a woman who had broken my heart a few years back. She once gave a testimony at a "Christ-centered" recovery program about how she "used to" be conceited and judgmental and look down on others.

I thought of the way she had treated me, and thought, "What do you mean, 'used to be'? General Comment Understanding, not appreciation, was my goal. On a superficial level, yes, this song is about the "casino-style" gambling of a friend. Just as on a superficial level, "Against the Wind" is about running.

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After some mild digging, we realize this song is about the friend himself. The singer sounds like he's praising the friend.

But if we dig further into the words chosen, if we look harder at the tonal changes in context, it's all but clear that the singer's praise is satirical and pitying. Bob Seger doesn't deliver a single wasted word in this song. People are free to enjoy "Still The Same" at whatever level they choose. The purpose of this site, however, is to analyze each song and to develop its -full- meaning.

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A visitor to this site implicitly accepts that his song interpretation may be only part of that full meaning. If you want to add to that full meaning by imparting how the song affects you, I'm not stopping you. Part of any song's meaning is the subjective reaction of each listener. Your subjective meaning is not wrong. Nevertheless, A song's inherent meaning is only that which can be derived from the music itself.

The inherent meaning will explain every single word and tone of the song. The "song is about gambling" interpretation doesn't explain the character exposition. The "comfort" interpretation doesn't explain the odd "still aim high" tonal change, or why the friend walked away.

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The song's -inherent- meaning extends to a certain point and then stops. E A I caught up with you yesterday. Dm G Movin' game to game; no one standin' in your way. C E A Turnin' on the charm - long enough to get you by. Dm G You're still the same.

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You still aim high. C Em G Instrumental F G C There you stood; ev'ry body watched you play. E Am I just turned and walked away.

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Dm G I had nothing left to say.