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God fills us up with everything we need. What if we focused on filling up with his word. What if we trusted Him and not on others or stuff to fill us up to the top so full that we started to run over with His grace? This is the final post in the Preparation series, intended to help you look for, notice, and acknowledge God working in your life.

All you have to do to qualify for the free ticket drawing is to comment on one or more blog posts throughout this series. Check back Monday! If you live too far away to attend the event, I have an alternate giveaway and will then pass along the ticket to someone else. Skip to content March 30, February 18, Susan H. Moments later, I found myself at the gas station. What if…? Share with your friends! Thank you for Generously extending hope to those in need. Dec 9, As you may know, wildfires have spread all across southern California.

We have been in contact with churches in the Ventura, California area. Every dollar given goes directly to helping families in need. Continue to keep all affected by this disaster in your thoughts and prayers. Nov 2, The primary focus of this trip will be to provide dental care to community members, but we welcome medical professionals in all fields!

UMC treats over 30, patients each year, but few receive crucial dental care that this team can provide.

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The staff at UMC, which is made up of doctors, nurses, pharmacists, lab technicians, and more, always look forward to any guidance or mentoring a medical team can provide, so if you fall into one of those categories, do not hesitate to apply! Likewise, this trip is open to non-medical professionals, too. While many participants will be from our Danville Campus, anyone is welcome! Additional trip members will focus their time on various construction projects, English immersion class with high school students, and triage at UMC. Every member on this team will be such a blessing to the people of Ouanaminthe in their own unique way.

Pray about how God wants you to respond to this opportunity! Learn more and apply on our Global Outreach page. Oct 27, Our society sees that word and immediately thinks of material items. The Bible refers to the poor over times. Many of those verses are specific to material items, but some refer to spiritual poverty. Our call is to provide hope to the poor. Southland answers that question by working with partners in Haiti and Austria.

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These are the people who live there full time and know way more than we ever could by living there. We trust them to answer that question for us and then allow us to serve alongside them in their ministry. We will not be able to alleviate poverty in the world, but we can be the hands and feet of Jesus. Check our website to see the trips and to pray with us for our brothers and sisters around the world.

We have all new deadline dates for trips this year. November 20, is the first deadline - so sign up now! Sep 5, Southland has been monitoring the needs in the Houston, TX area with Hurricane Harvey and would like to suggest two organizations that are providing support and relief for the people in the area. Somebody Cares International is a network of relationships globally that are committed to prayer and compassion and connecting the Body of Christ. You can donate money in support of this relief effort and in the days and weeks to come; they may have opportunities for teams to travel to the devastated areas to volunteer.

Somebody Cares was established in Houston back in This collaboration of churches has done and continues to do remarkable work for the poor and marginalized. Somebody Cares has teams of people on the ground involved in relief work and assessing the needs for ongoing support after Hurricane Harvey. Another organization that would appreciate your support is Samaritan's Purse. Southland has a connection with New Hope through one of our staff members. New Hope is receiving teams to help with relief and clean up and has more information on their website under "Want To Help.

We will continue to monitor the needs and update you on any new opportunities to help. Please keep the people in and around Houston in your prayers. Jul 14, When local teachers are working with the teachers from Sonlight Academy, located in Port de Paix, Haiti. For the second year, Southland hosted the teachers from Sonlight for a week of workshops to help them become better teachers, improve their own skills at conflict resolution, and grow in their spiritual formation. Teachers from various schools led these workshops for the Sonlight teachers, introducing them to new methods of teaching, thinking about learning, and their roles as teachers.

Why does Southland support Sonlight Academy teachers this way? In Haiti, these teachers do not have access to continuing professional education. The teachers from Sonlight responded positively to the men and women who presented this summer. They said they were encouraged, challenged, refreshed, and supported by these men and women. They also expressed thanks to Southland for hosting, feeding, and gift-giving.

The presenters all expressed gratitude to these men and women who choose to go to Haiti, learn a new language and culture, and seek to help the children there learn to learn. Some of the teachers from this area are planning a trip to Sonlight this fall so they can better understand the conditions in which the Sonlight teachers work.

When God brings together teachers who love their students, love teaching, and want to make a kingdom impact. Apr 21, We love to extend hope to families in Central Kentucky in many different ways and one of those ways is with the Dollar Club.

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Not only do we use the Dollar Club to bless families here in our own backyard, but we also use it for families around the world. Nov 14, Southland has an opportunity to generously extend hope to the poor through rebuilding a church in Laragale, Haiti that was destroyed by Hurricane Matthew. Here is what the pastor of that church had to say…. Nov 11, Oct 17, The team went to serve all the wonderful students that have been at Haus Edelweiss learning how to encourage and extend hope in their ministries. The work is thru TCMI, who has maintained relationships with students and encouraged people in Eastern Europe since Thanks to all the people that have been on Southland's teams serving this ministry over the years!

Oct 4, We have been touch with our partners and these photos are of a village, south of Haiti, where one of our partners are located. Southland will continue to stay in touch with our partners and give updates as we receive them. Sep 28, The vision is that every nation will have effective leaders of disciple-making movements impacting their churches, cultures, and countries for Christ. If this were true in the United States, there would be less than 10 million followers of Jesus.

But in reality here in the US, there are over 83 million followers of Jesus. We are definitely blessed here in the US and in Kentucky. And yet we are called to make disciples around the world. This means they are preparing men and women with graduate degrees to change their nations for Christ. From Russia to Kenya, from Poland to Armenia, from Uzbekistan to Estonia - preachers, teachers, social workers, directors of orphanages and schools, youth ministers, doctors, and scientists are all earning graduate degrees in practical ministry so they can plant churches, lead churches, and engage in kingdom work in whatever way is open to them in their nations.

Your giving directly supports TCMI so you are helping develop Christian leaders for significant service. Imagine how few believers there might be in those parts of the world if TCMI were not training men and women for significant service in their nations. Please pray for the TCMI staff and faculty, and for the students and graduates who are making an impact on their churches, cultures, and countries. Sep 12, Our friend, Kim, had been having car problems for a while.

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Her tires seemed to always be low on air, which made it difficult for her to travel anywhere she needed to go. Contact Us Privacy Policy.

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Note: A medical license is required to practice medicine in Haiti. Global Trips. Texas Hurricane Relief. Dollar Club. By giving an extra dollar, we were able to help places like House of Hope, which is part of a hospital that cares for children with HIV and other illnesses. Often, the children live here full time because their parents abandon them. A local school received much needed supplies as well as a church and a physical therapy clinic. Many families were helped as well. Some had taken in orphans to care for as their own and two brothers were left to take care of their younger siblings without their parents.

Others were able to pay for school tuition, get supplies for homes and businesses and obtain much needed medicine. The hungry and the elderly were fed and supplies were provided in hopes for creating new job opportunities. Your willingness to give, is going to help many people and an entire town in Haiti feel hopeful and loved. Thank you so much for giving and being a part of extending hope in such a big and amazing way! Here is what the pastor of that church had to say:. I got baptized on December 27th, , I was only 24 years old. From to I was an instructor in Sunday School in my church, and then in I was ordained a Preacher.

I married my wife and we got 8 children, 3 boys and 5 girls. Unfortunately, she was diabetic and died in after the devastating earthquake. In , I affiliated with Lifeline where I started a church in the Laregal community. One day I went there to give an injection to someone as a health agent and I prayed with her Mrs.