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  2. The Deliverer: Book Two of the Reluctant Demon Diaries.
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A set of scrolls, delivered by a man she knows nothing about, tells a fascinating and frightening tale of what went on behind the scenes of biblical history. What is even more incredible is who is telling the tale, a fallen angel who immediately regretted his decision to side with Lucifer. Product Details About the Author. Average Review.

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This coloring book encourages gratefulness for all This coloring book encourages gratefulness for all that God has done to cause increase during the harvest season. Novice and experienced colorists alike will be able to reflect upon short quotations from View Product.

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  • Born in Nigeria, Adelaja was recruited as a teenager by Russian communists. Discover how God Who said that? Oh, no, it was me. What was I thinking? No one in their right mind would ever get between Satan and the object of his wrath.

    The Reluctant Demon Diaries - Lucifer's Flood & The Deliverer

    The walls stopped trembling and the glow from the floor was fading as Satan eased back from his crouch and looked quizzically at me. No doubt about it. You would never get into a fight based on a wrong assumption. Or at least He did for a while. Even though Baal has brought you nothing but grief and disappointment, still you know the better decision is to let him live.

    Satan looked at Baal who was nodding in agreement so wildly he looked like a puppet of himself with a bobble head attached. Now that Israel has a king, the battle will be more organized. Satan shot him a look that made him pound his own head between his eyes with his free claw. He just decided to give them a king.

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    It was bound to happen. Instead I kissed up. I believe He always intended to give them one, just not right now. Nevertheless, God has abdicated kingship over the Jews and will now work through a human being to govern them. So your strategy will likewise adjust. Instead of scatter gun approaches, conning whatever insignificant group of humans you choose, your target is now the king. It will be up to the king to decide if Israel remains true to God or strays into one of your pagan temples for a little adulterous worship on the side.


    On his own, Saul does not have the emotional or spiritual maturity to be a war-time king over an unruly population, as the Israelites are. For Saul to succeed, Samuel will have to stay on him all the time. In some ways, this is uncharted water. God has never allowed a king before and never settled on someone as leader who has so many obvious leadership challenges.

    Let me watch this at eye level on the Earth for a while. When I report back, it will be clear what you should do. The King is book three of the series and follows the time of the Judges through the death of King David.

    Download e-book The Deliverer: Book Two of the Reluctant Demon Diaries

    The fourth and final book in the series, The Redeemer , will be released in early Your email address will not be published. I told you what I would do to you if you failed me! I had no idea what he was talking about. They gave it back. I never should have promoted you. Suck it up.

    Lucifer's Flood Reluctant Demon Diaries