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We have a good supply of pre-made pages if you are interested in using our resources. Having trouble finding a place to begin we have an experienced team of volunteers that would love to help. At times we will offer space to work on your albums along with the use of our cropping tools and supplies of paper, stickers and lettering. Just let us know what types of pages you are interested in and any other information you feel we should know.

Sign up for free LifeBook lessons and a monthly newsletter on her website. What is the lifebook program? We have heard it is the best gift in the world for a foster child or adoptee. We are looking for more members to join our LifeBook Team; are you interested?

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These books impact the lives of children and protect memories that otherwise might be lost. Birthday Weather Find the weather for any state or country.

Time Capsule Website Discover what happened the day you were born. Interested in finding a map? Day of Birth Day of Birth Learn what day of the week you were born on.

Start Scrapbooking!

Jani Aguilar janilovestocrop comcast. Sign up for our newsletter! Sign Up. Connect Text Messages Newsletter Email Thank you for all your support. A Family For Every Child. I put on the blinders. I needed to break it down, be selective, and work on one child at a time. I chose to start with Porter. Again, the blinders come in handy. Another thing I know about myself is that I function best with a cleared and cleaned surface. I find that I work more efficiently when the piles are gone or at least moved out of my view so I have laser focus on the task at hand.

And yes, the countertop gets a total wipe-down before I get to work. Covey over and over and over again when it comes to memory keeping. When I envision the end goal or the completed project, I am much better able to have clarity on the steps I need to take to get there. So back to my end goal.

My vision is that each child has 6 albums total. Not a big deal. These albums are very much focused on them and their stuff. I used to print our family yearbooks through Shutterfly.

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Now I print all of our photo books through the Project Life App. Learn more about the photo books here. Getting back to my point about making a plan. It was time to get down to it and make things happen! And it went down like this:. You can catch the 3-part series on YouTube! This is where my two favorite scrapbooking worlds collide in the most beautiful way! Then his birth and first weeks of life. His second album is really his first year of life with monthly highlights and milestones and family stuff. Then it goes into toddlerhood and pre-school and elementary school.

You can see that the older he gets, the more years I am fitting into one album. Not just school albums. You know. Much of this goes in an Envelope Page , and I have one of those at the end of each year, but you could also just have one at the back of each album. Whatever makes the most sense for you!

Remember those family yearbooks I mentioned? Yes, there are a few school and sports pictures in the albums, but most of the pictures we care the most about are in the family yearbooks. Are you still with me? Can you visualize it? This decision has single-handedly caused me to feel less burdened and more relieved. Album flexibility for the win! You can find a variety of sizes here.

I mean invite them to participate and if they do, great! I promise. Or do you trust me completely to just run with it? Of course I asked him questions from time to time. And guys, I totally found him flipping through his albums from time to time during all of the catching up and my heart wanted to burst.

Our Project Life cards are small and very un-intimidating. Just get what you can. And relax about it. Stop that, silly.

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You and your OCD tendencies need to have a heart-to-heart and this is what I want you to remember: The end result of your efforts is a completed scrapbook, right? So does anything else matter more than that? Does it really matter which cards you choose to slip into those pockets? Heck no. Um, okay. You do know the answer to that, right?

Take a deep breath. You are so much more capable of knocking this out than you realize. I wish I could lovingly grab your shoulders right now, look you square in the eye, and tell you how I feel. Do what works for you! Stuff is stuff. But how much stuff is too much, you know?

Adoption Life Books

So you know what feels really, really great? Paring down. Scaling back. The goal is to have a sampling. Did I just suggest to NOT scrapbook?? Hold on. Stay with me. At the END of the school year, you and your child completely unload their backpack of any remaining items. Case in point: If your kindergartener brought home 60 pieces of artwork throughout the year, you would SEE that mass amount at the end of the year and then be able to sift through that pile, cut it down to half of that or whatever and look what you just did.

Because you were in the right frame of mind to do that. And all of these treasures that are scanned and photographed get popped into Project Life App pages, which are then included in the albums! I walk through all of this in those video links above. For real, watch the videos.

Okay — Do you see it? Do you catch the vision?? Because I really want you to feel the beauty of this concept. The artwork and the papers are still preserved. But it all takes up waaaaaay less space.

Summer Scrapbooking Projects for Kids

And that feeling of tossing so much stuff? Trust me on this one. Okay, gotta get down off my soap box. But man, this stuff is exciting to me! Here are my recommendations:. Easy to find at a craft store or even Target or Walmart. I am liking black the best because white is tricky to make it look truly WHITE and even wood grains can be inconsistent from picture to picture.

My best advice? You will find what works best for you. Shoot straight down. In this picture to the right, I actually stood on that chair. This will illuminate your item without creating harsh light or shadow situations. The lighting should be flattering. You want clear pictures, not blur. And on repeat. Over and over and over, I listened to my latest favorite album. Was it random? Before I got started I thought about what music would motivate me and keep my energy up and help me to feel all the feels.

And that was the first thing that popped into my mind. So I went with it. The music helped! Is it movies or your favorite Netflix series? Is it music? What KIND of music? Is it silence? Whatever it is. How are you doing? I know this is a lot. The last thing I want you to feel is overwhelmed. Okay, who am I kidding? And the reason I made this so long and so packed full of details on what I do is because I want you to feel even just one or two takeaways that resonate with you, that will HELP you to tackle this once and for all!

There is no service, no product, no magical app that can just make all of this magically happen. You are the key. And, of course, my real-life experience of doing this. I had a plan. A vision.

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A goal. I KNOW that those feelings of being just completely burdened by the bins full of stuff and the guilty feeling when your child asks for a picture or something and you have no idea where it is. This empty bin is one of my favorite photos ever. It represents completion. It represents love. It represents peace of mind. As you take a deep breath and process all of this, you may still have questions. Care to join me? We made them pretty just for you. I know you have been working on this post for a long time and I watched all your Instagram stories…just awesome!

Thank you for being so open and willing to share. Thank you!! But seriously. How good is the La la Land soundtrack?! Thanks for all your info. You inspire us all. I have this irrational fear that my albums will be destroyed. Digital pages can easily be made into a book again if necessary, but physical not so much. Thanks for all your inspiration! When I first heard about Project Life in , I decided that the physical product would be faster and started my album.

The idea of not having a digital copy backed up offsite bothered me too much. While I was doing physical pages, I took a clear, well-lit photograph of each page as soon as I finished it. This is a great overview and so insightful. It actually makes me want to tackle my own childhood book without the pictures like you did for Porter. Just to have the few memorabilia and school papers, awards, etc. Thanks for the continued superior work and love Becky.

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Thank you so much for this grand post!!! Getting ready to gather tomorrow!! Thanks for pulling all this info together in one space. I thought I had stuff organised — HUH!