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Being a mixed-race community, it also speaks to the possibility of cross-cultural unity. But there, across the Atlantic, the term evokes the ugliest time in history for black people: when the crowns of Western Europe enslaved and colonized indigenous people, extracted their wealth by violence, and nicknamed the regions for the commodities they took. Think gold coast, banana republic, ivory coast, and so on. Inherent in the term is beauty, wealth, injustice, and death. And theft. It is this last part, theft of a life, with which Melanie S. She is also, by naming her characters after the countries that arose from that terrible era, declaring a proud heritage.

And finally, she is evoking the centuries-long tension between blackness, all-that-glitters, and death. She has just found love in Florida and is only out for an evening with a friend. She has had a bit too much to drink, finds herself in a minor accident, and walks to the nearest house, only to be shot and killed by Jeffrey Davies, the man inside standing his ground. In case the situation sounds familiar, Hatter took her inspiration from the real-life Michigan slaying of Renisha McBride and the countless other black lives taken recently by vigilantes.

But instead of leaving readers where the news media must, Hatter leads them almost immediately into the family process of coping, falling apart, and starting to recover. She does so effortlessly, often mixing the mundane with the horrific, as in this excerpt from inside the mind of the grieving father trying to find relief through TV:.

A talk show discussing the arrest of Jeffrey Davies. The motherfucker! Arrested but immediately released on bail. At home…while his baby girl was rotting in the ground…He deserved the death penalty. This collection definitely brings the party, with nary a poor choice to spoil the evening. He now works full time as the assistant director of a large public library.

When he is not conquering the world of indexing, John edits and publishes the Hugo Award-winning genre zine Electric Velocipede. The magazine is also a four-time nominee for the World Fantasy Award. In Klima edited an anthology of science fiction and fantasy stories based on spelling-bee winning words called Logorrhea: Good Words Make Good Stories.

In Klima edited Happily Ever After , a reprint anthology of fairytale retellings. He and his family live in the Midwest. Lynne M. Lynne is also a part-time Dancing Queen and grew up at roller rink in the wilds of Massachussetts. Essay help magazine Research paper examples. Menu Login Register Cart 0. Twitter Facebook Instagram Login Register. Cart 0. ACT I. Jasper Plum, Harris, and Servants discovered. Well Harris, are you nearly ready? Is everythine in a state of suitable splendor? E'es, Maister Plum. Thank you, Harris.

I declare, and Frederick William not returned! Stephen, [without L. That'll do, lads— that'll do! Here he comes. Enter Stephen, l. No more work to-day — a holiday and a crown a head to drink happiness to the bride and bridegroom — health to Jasper Plum, and long life to the cotton mill. Workmen shout " Hurrah! Now, there's a nice looking young man for a weddmg party! Ah, dad — how are you, dad? Not dressed yet? Don't you know that Lady Leatherbridge, and her niece, -Lady Valeria, will be here presently?

Go to that glass, sir, gaze upon that coat, waistcoat and trousers, including boots and sparrow bills, and then tell me, is that figure Stephen Phim : or a " -nmon cotton spinner out of the hundreds in his employ? Well, and what's Stephen Plum, after all's said and done but a common spinner, too? Wasn't his father, bless the old face of him, wasn't he a common spinner, too? Lord, Lord, didn't he use to make the bobbins fly, and didn't he card and comb till his face was as shiny red as a bran new penny bit!

Speak for yourself, dad — I'm no gentleman. I was, and am, and always shall be, a cotton spinner — now, don't be unrea- sonable, dad! Surely, one gentleman in a family's quite enough. Yes, Frederick William's a pretty fellow — a very pretty fellow. Freddy's been wound ona different bobbin to me — Freddy's been to Oxford College, and larnt no end of laming- — and Freddy's been to Lunnon, and seen no end of Lunnon life.

Lady Valeria Westendleigh ; the whole affair was moved, debated, and carried in a week; only it was arranged that the wedding should take place here at Bristol during the family's visit to Clifton, to avoid what we call eclat! Eclat sir! Well, I don't wonder at Freddy ; Freddy's a handsome chap, and a thorough good fellow ; and Jasper Plum's the warm- est man in our parts, and can put , yellow boys into Freddy's breeches pocket.

Yellow boys! Stephen Plum, I hope you don't mean to discharge such fearful expressions in the hearing of Lady Leatherbridge. Bless you, no ; before them female nobs my grammar 11 be as right as a trivet. Female nobs! Stephen, Stephen, the sad truth is, you've got no elevation of soul! Don't abuse Toby, dad ; why, he's the life and soul of the mill— we should all go to sleep if it wasn't for Toby Twmkle ; besides, he'd lay down his life a dozen times over to serve me, I know he would.

That's very attentive of Mr.

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What, cut Toby Twinkle ; why the poor fellow would break his heart! Ah, Stephen Plum, you'll live and die m cotton. I hope so ; 1 mean to stick to cotton as long as cotton sticks to me. I wish you'd stick to cotton, dad! The idea of your idling away your time, studying parlez vou Fransy! What you are pleased to call great ugly faces, sir, were postures and smiles to receive my guests, and look at the result! A butterfly, you? I say, dad, don't you feel a little stififish about the wings? No, no, I must live and die among 'em; but what need to X.

Fred, without, R. Bring everything into the hall.

See a Problem?

Here's Frederick Wilham. Fred, r. Ah, father, good morning! Another to you, Stephen! Well, and another to you, Freddy. Frederick William, where have you been. I see — presents for your lovely bride. Fred, c. Just received by the express train — a rather costly col- kction! Quite right! To be sure. I say, Freddy, talking of the taste of the Plums, I hope there's a jolly plum-cake for the young lady. Silence, you sensualist! You may depend on the quahty, father, everything was selected by my friend. His friendship, my dear boy, does you honor. To him I owe my success in London last winter — in short I am under infinite obligations to my friend Arthur.

Doing the tidy! Of course Sir Arthur will be here to add lustre to your wedding? He tells me I may certainly depend on him. Enter Harris, r. II Jas. Bring him to my study, you Hottentot! Her ladyship's attorney! Well, Freddy, and so I'm going to see your high-born lady at last, eh? Do you Icnow I feel in a bit of a twitteration? There is no need for it, Stephen — Valeria is as amia- ble as she is beautiful. I may well be vain of her partiality — I, who have nothing but fortune to offer her.

But think how title helps fortune to move on in life! No doubt on't ; but it do seem to me that without fortune, title can't move on at all. Well, there be no accounting for tastes ; as for me, give me a cottage and a sanded floor in Old England afore all the foreign courts in the world. Ha, ha! Far from it. Think of a wife with a title and a coat of arms Ste.

Well, if you will have me talk serious, I must tell you Freddy, I want no title with a wife but the title of a fond and faith- ful woman ; and to get such a one, I could manage to do without a coat of arms — or without arms to my coat for the matter of that. By-the-bye, Stephen, I hope the whispers I hear among the factory people are untrue. What d'ye mean? What whispers? That there is a certain black-eyed girl amongst them — and that you spoil many a reel of cotton by looking at her eyes instead of your bobbins.

What need of whispering that? Martha Gibbs is the sort of girl any man might look at. I've noticed her — a clever handsome young creature, evi- dently full of savoirfaire and a perfect knowledge of the game. Full of what, brother? Serious, I declare! Yes, brother, serious faith in the virtue of a factory girl. All That Glitters: An Inside Girl Novel (): J. Minter: Books

They may talk about discovering this, and discovering that — but take my word for it, we ain't made no discovery yet like finding that poverty and virtue can walk to their humble grave hand-in- hand together. Such a girl is Martha Gibbs — oh! I've had proof certain of that.

I pledge to you my own. Then listen. For some time gone — months now — Martha Gibbs has somehow run a good deal in my head, but bless you, I took care never to let it out.

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Well, Martha's an orphan, poor thing, and ain't got one friend in all Bristol ; so dad gave Martha a room in the mill to live in— just like dad, that was — well, going my rounds at night, to see lights out and all snug in the mill, I used to see a candle night after night in Martha's room long after regulation hours ; this surprised me, this did — so at last I thought of getting a-top of the opposite wing of the mill, just above her window. How should I know? Next night, the same — next night, next night, and every night, ditto, ditto, ditto- Fred.

Very strange— perhaps correspondence with a lover. My father's bell — I must leave you. Exit R. Martha's voice again and Toby's too — and both flinging along this way! Why, what's the matter? Enter Martha, l. Toby, l. Come on! Why, Martha, what's the meaning of all this? Twinkle, sir. Twinkle refers you to his nose, sir. To be insulted like this! I could cry — but I won't. Oh, I wish I was a man! You Martha? Leave the factory? No, no. You can't stop me — you have no claim on me.

No claim, Martha, but the claim of wishing to be a friend to you — that's all, Martha. Have you any thing to complain of against me? No, indeed no ; you have been a kind master — but that makes no difference. I want to go away — I will go away, sir. But why? What have they done to you, and who has done it? Nobody has done it — everybody has done it — except Toby. You hear?

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Nobody, everybody! What do you mean? Now do tell me, there's a dear — I mean there's a good girl — if you've got the smallest bit of regard for me. But I havn' t the smallest bit of regard for you, and so I told them all— didn't I, Toby? That you certainly did.

You will drive me crazy between you presently. It's clear, Martha, you've been insulted in the factory — only let me get in among 'em! Oh, I've been in among 'em already. I didn't stop to count how many I had killed, because when I got this crack on my nose, it suddenly occurred to me that I'd had enough of it! Stephen indicates that he will punish them Mar. Besides, sir, that would only make 'em worse.

Well then, ever since this marriage of Mr. Frederick's has been talked about, there's been a dead set made at me. Frederick's going to be married, eh? Yes— this sort of thing, leering There's old Sarah White in particular. Sarah's only got one eye, and that squints — so you may imagine the peculiar expression that Sarah throws into that one eyer! I couldn't bear it. Stephen to me? I don't care for Mr. Stephen " — I don t care for you, Mr.

Stephen, do I i" — "and Mr. Stephen don't care for me. To be sure, now and then, when I've been dressed in my best, you've told me I was a smart girl, or something of that sort, just in your good tempered way ; but as for thinking twice of a poor girl like me — you don't, do you?

I see you don't, and I told 'em so— didn't I Toby? You did. And then they were cruel enough to say I was nothing but — I cant — I tuontitW you that. The foul-mouthed villains! Cold blooded ruffians— old Sarah White in particular. I shall leave the mill with a full heart — a very full heart. I thank you for all your goodness to me, Mr.

Stephen— but it's my duty to go, and go I will. Ste, No, don't say so, Martha. Besides don't I know? Why — I've read — your character, to be sure : that's all, Martha. And now, at any rate, say you'll stop at the mill till to- morrow. Well, I'm sure I wouldn't, if I could help it, disturb a happy day like this ; besides, I long to see the Lady Valeria, whom I once knew so well, and haven't met for so long. Yoit knowed her ladyship, Lady Valeria? We once lived and loved like sisters ; my poor father was one of the late Earl's gamekeepers Toby.

A gamekeeper? Do you know I never see a gamekeeper with his gun and his double-barrelled dog, that I don't envy him? He died by the shot of a poacher — Toby. Oh, that alters the case materially. Lady Westendleigh took my mother and me to the hall, fed, clothed, educated me, and made me Lady Valeria's playfel- low — Oh, that I could live or die to show my love and gratitude for that woman! Good day, Martha. I say, Martha, we may as well shake hands, no great harm in that — [takes her hand — that's as it should be.

Don't forget — no going away Martha; — what should I do with- out you? Good bye, Martha — why, I don't believe we shook hands, after all. I don't think we did, sir. I'm sure we didn't [shaking her hand again There, God bless thee! Lord, Lord, how I do love that girl! Do you think Martha cares for me? Toby, r. Well, the result of my observation hitherto induces me to assert, without the fear of contradiction, that I havn't come to any decided opinion upon the subject whatever.

You don't think — she — loves another? I'm sure she don't, except mc ; and, of course, no woman can see so useful and ornamental an article as a nose disfigured in her defence, as mine has been, without feeling an intense interest in the man whose property that nose is. I forgot, Toby, that you call yourself a bit of a conjuror. You may laugh, Mr. Stephen, but I have an inward con- viction that in taking to cotton spinning I mistook my calling, and that I was born to be a necromancer. Ah, just because you went and see'd some conjuring chap at the playhouse six months ago — Toby.

Conjuring chap! Ah, that Jacobs! I doat upon that Jacobs! I could think of nothing else — it quite haunted me — in short, I did nothing but lay eggs all night long for weeks and weeks together — from that mo- ment I fancied myself a wizard — Ste. Anything and everything ; consequently, when anybody wishes to know anything, I say to him, as I do to you. Take a card! Enter Jasper, r. Do you particularly wish to know?

Then take a card, [presents pack — Jasper drives him to L. You still here, and not dressed yet! Stephen, Stephen, is it your wish to drive me crazy? In what? In love! In love with a woman! Ste, Yes, and now you're in for it, I'll tell you a third secret — I want to marry her off-hand directly. The boy's mad! Don't be angry, dad, I only want a wife of my own, hke my father before me : so you'd very much oblige me if you'd just name the time and keep it. I say, dad, you see that hook atop of the ceihng — that's just where you'll jump to, when you hear who 'tis.

Well, then, the woman I love, and want to marry is — Martha Gibbs. Now, don't jump! Martha Gibbs — ha, ha, ha, — come, I like this — there's some character about such damnable audacity — it tickles one to have one's hair stand on end! Quite t'other thing, dad ; I shouldn't wonder if I put a deal of new life into the house of Plum. And do you think I'll ever sanction such an alliance for a son of mine? Never, never! The voice of all your ancestors exclaims.

Then I wish my ancestors would just speak when they're spoke to. Reflect, rash youth, what was this creature, Martha? No, she asked for wages, and paid you with hard work. And who was she? Never had a father and mother? Then warn't she a clever girl to manage to do without? Reflect like a man, sir, and don't laugh like a horse. I'll turn that intriguing hussy, Martha Gibbs, out of the house this very day. I do mean that, and I'll do it. Martha has given notice, she means to quit the factory to-morrow morning. A pleasant journey to her! I go along with her. You, Stephen— go and leave— Oh, Stephen!

Perhaps it's best it should be so ; long's the day I've seen my father and brother are ashamed of me. Stephen Plum! And you d have me marry a fine lady who'd be ashamed of me, too; but I won't— so if you won't have us near you why Martha and I must love you far away, and so shall our children- far away — Jas.

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That's but fair ; I'll give you lots of time. Well, I don't mind making it half an hour ; now mind, in thirty minutes I'll return for your yes or no. If it's " No " I must pack up my carpet bag, 'cause I can't go into the wide world with- out a change of linen — Jas. Ah those shouts ; their ladyships at last! Let the ladies see me undressed.? I don't mean to. Enter the Factory Workmen, with Toby at their head, all with large wedding favors, L. I say, Toby, there's dad stuck fast already. My dear Valeria, how can I express my thanks to you for waiving form, and consenting to proceed to church from my father s factory?

Indeed, Frederick, no trace of a factory is percepti- ble ; every object around blends costliness and taste. Jasper bows to the ground ; Fred, and Y hi. Oh, quite so, and then I quite long to see your people at work, it must be quite a curiosity to see people work, especially when one has never done anything in the world one's self.

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Neverdid anything in the world herself? I wonder how she set about it. Your ladyship will gratify our workmen by your con- descension ; they have decorated the factory in expectation of your visit. Lady L. Well, that's very civil of them ; I should like to reward them ; to distribute some beer, some cheese, and some bread among them, and then I should like to have them scramble for some copper coin ; I wish to make a suitable return for the pretty feeling they've got up!

Feehng they've got up! I can't stand the like of that! I will. Ste, Ho, ho, ho. Now, Stephen, if you must speak to her ladyship try and speak like a gentleman! Excuse me, ma'am, but in these parts it's our way to pay working folks for work, and not for feeling; but seeing you never did nothing in the world yourself, we compute it to your ignorance, ma'am! What is that? Yes, my lady, these are the two chickens, and that's the old cock. That a brother of yours,' Frederick? Do, it will be an occupation, at any rate ; and I require. Toby, [coming dawn You do? Oh no, Mr. Stephen, I dare not.

Jas C. The baronet? Wliat baronet? An illustrious friend of Frederick William's who has prom- ised to grace his nuptials! A man of family!

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And pray who is Martha? The child of the poor woman your lady- ship has so often heard me speak of. Mar L Yes! The poor woman whom your ; mother sheltered and relieved— the poor child, fed. Forgive me if I weep — my heart's so full! C, aside The sly young crocodile!

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  6. Now you mention it, I have a sort of recollec- tion about somebody, or something or other, but my nerves won't bear anything like sentiment ; there is nothing in the world so un- wholesome as sensibility— so once more, Plum, your arm to the refreshments. Enter ToBY, R. The eatables and drinkables are ready ; there's lots of "em, and what's more, they're as good as they look!

    Begone, Sirrah — begone to your toilette. Allez vous en to your new clothes, [to servants Lead the way to the refectory — Madam, the honor — [hands Lady L. Dear Valeria, let me prevail on you to take refreshments. Yes do, ma'am — just a mouthful of something and a glass f ale forVal. Thank you, gentlemen ; but do not think me rude I prefer to be left alone with my old playfellow, Martha. You can't do better, ma'am — a chat with Martha will 1 rat your heart good.

    Come, Freddy, do you go and learn the I doarriage Service out of the book ; and I — yes, I'll go and put on i y new clothes. Come along, Toby. Exit with Toby, l. How long it seems since we parted. Lady Valeria! In a few minutes you will be the happy wife of an amiable and handsome bridegroom — for you know he is very handsome. My aunt told me I was poor — that Mr. I must say, a week's acquaintance seems to me rather short.

    Ah, Martha, the formula of life, which girls of rank go through, should be better known : at a given birthday the school girl lays aside her books, to go into the world — there she soon meets a man, who seems to realize those visions of perfection we ; all of us indulge — she loves ; but only to be told that the omnipo- tent voice of circumstances forbids the indulgence of her affec- ;; tion ; another bridegroom is presented — in the wide world she has ; not one sympathetic bosom to confide in and weep upon — in mere despair she throws herself on his.

    Why, Lady Valeria, what words i and what a tone! You are agitated — and I declare, a tear! No, no! Of him? Of no one — I am the bride of Frederick, and as you say, I am happy, very happy— ha, ha! Mar, [aside She frightens me — 'tis plain she loves another. Forgive me, Martha, 1 am grown so selfish! A way to live after a dying mother's counsel? Oh, teill me, tell me how? Well then, every night in miy bedroom, I write down in a little book everything I can remembeW of what I've said, done, and thought all day — good, bad, oir indifferent, down it goes in my diary ; and when I've made i clean breast of it why then I say my prayers.

    I Mar. No — and have you never been in love, Martha? O bless you, I don't say so. I don't pretend I've never looked and said "there I could be happy," but when I know I can't get there by the lawful high road, I just shut my eyes, or look another way. I admire your courage, Martha, but you shall indulge your attachment, for henceforth it is under my protection ; your master, Mr. Stephen, seems the very soul of good nature; I'll speak to him about it.

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    O, not for the world ; you don't know — Val. My aunt and the company are returning ; we will talk fur- ther to-morrow. I sliall be far away. Company return. The hour come, and Sir Arthur not come; we must proceed without him. I fly. Well, why don't you go?