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Revising one off rural housing policy, new models for funding infrastructure to unlock land for housing, the new national planning framework, properly resourcing planning authorities and a free environmental advice service for the public should be priorities for the next government, according to the Irish Planning Institute IPI. To ensure this, the next government must commit to an evidence based planning framework and reform of the planning system, tackling rural housing issues proactively and reviewing how we fund infrastructure.

Data is essential to good planning decisions and the next Government must commit to supporting evidence based planning in all matters.

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Regrettable delays to the National Planning Framework mean its development coincides with the Census. Headline census data must be made available as soon as possible to ensure the National Planning Framework is robust and is based on the most up to date population trends possible and not vulnerable to criticism.

We believe this can be achieved without delaying its delivery. It is also essential that forthcoming documents such as the next Dublin region transport strategy reflect the Census. For example, Sturzaker and Sturzaker and Shucksmith explore how rural elites and urban interests combine to restrict housing supply in a study of five English rural localities.

Similarly, Gallent and Robinson examine concepts of 'localness' by exploring local perspectives on rural housing supply to reveal deeply contested discourses of perceived 'local needs' across different types of rural areas and between rural residents and planning officials. These issues are also explored by Scott and Murray , but within the contrasting development context of Ireland north and south , where rural stakeholders and local politicians are vociferous supporters of continuing Ireland's traditionally lax controls on new house-building in rural areas.

Within this context, scant attention in the literature has been given to the issue of residential design of new development in rural localities, either from the perspective of the regulation of design through development control or in relation to the politics of design within a rural context.

In this paper, we address this deficit by exploring both the use of rural housing design guidelines by planning authorities and also design preferences among the public and stakeholder groups in rural Ireland.

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The issue of house-building in the Irish countryside and the proliferation of houses in the landscape have been well documented in recent years see for example: Gkartzios and Scott, ; Keaveney, ; Scott, While there is a long tradition of dispersed rural housing in the Irish landscape, the demand for house-building in rural areas intensified during the so-called Celtic Tiger years from the mids until the economic crash in Between and , Ireland experienced an unprecedented boom in house-building with a per cent increase in private house completions.

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