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A lovely, finely bound copy of this extremely scarce text. Osgood of Boston in using leftover sheets from the first English edition.

An extremely scarce text, nearly all of the copies of this issue were destroyed by the Great Boston Fire of , with only around fifty copies surviving today. Twenty-Thousand Leagues Under the Sea is a classic science fiction and adventure novel that was first published in French from as Vingt mille lieues sous les mers: Tour du monde sous-marin. It tells of a yearlong underwater journey aboard the submarine Nautilus, which many sailors presume to be a fearsome sea monster.

Specifically, it follows the French professor Pierre Aronnax, who joins an American exploratory expedition and becomes a captive of the misanthropic Captain Nemo after his ship is sunk by the Nautilus. Verne's fantastical tale is perfectly paired with the strikingly beautiful illustrations engraved by Hildebrand after Riou and de Neuville. Japanese Dictionary

This volume's beautiful binding complements the fine condition of the text block and the quality of illustrations without losing the aesthetic of the original publication; Bayntun-Riviere's covers mimic the Appleton binding in color and design. The "Eastlake Style" takes its name from British designer, architect, and author Charles Locke Eastlake , a major influence and an early voice in the Arts and Crafts Movement who was best known for his book Hints on Household Taste in Furniture, Upholstery and Other Details He criticized the popular preference of poorly-made products of the Industrial Revolution and encouraged a revival of craftsmanship and simplistic Gothic beauty.

Jules Verne was born in in France and was the eldest of five children. As a child he developed a great interest in travel and exploration, which showed in his writing.

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After completing his studies Jules traveled to Paris to study law. When his father learned he was writing instead, he withdrew his financial support and Jules had to support himself as a stockbroker. His true talent was in telling stories of extravagant voyages and adventures. He married Honorine de Viane Morel in and she continued to encourage his writing. In Jules entered politics for the next fifteen years. His books were written before the invention of airplanes, submarines, guided missiles or satellites, and he took his readers all over the world.

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The faces of his characters are neutral; his locales are devoid of poetry His compositions are impersonal in the blandest and narrowest sense of the word This latter illustrator contributed, for example, the excellent portrait of Phileas Fogg and a rather fine one of Passepartout. In contrast,. This is the work which made Jules Verne world-famous.

Finally, George Roux ? In designing the city, Roux seems to have been directly inspired by the latest advances in architecture Verne was well served by his designers to the very end. From onwards, the rapid development of two-toned lithography, photography, and photolithography slowly began to replace the older woodcut-engraving process in most publishing houses in France—primarily because these techniques were cheaper, faster, and much less labor-intensive.

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Two illustrations, the first a halftone and the second a woodcut , are located within the first couple of chapters of this work And, effectively blurring the boundaries between fiction and reality, even a real photograph is included from time to time—e. As such, this remarkable collection of early sf illustrations 29 stands as a living testament to the passing of an age—literary, ideological, and technological. Borgeaud, Georges. Chauchoy, Philippe. Amiens: Centre Culturel de la Somme, Chesneaux, Jean. Paris: Minard, Costello, Peter.

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Jules Verne, Inventor of Science Fiction. Dalby, Richard.

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Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, Dumas, Olivier. Evans, Arthur B. Jules Verne Rediscovered. Giraudo, Lucien.


Helling, Cornelius. Hetzel, Pierre-Jules. Paris: Hetzel, Malan, Dan.