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The stories told by the survivors who pass their farm, of having seen living people eaten alive only to change into one of the undead minutes later were difficult to believe. The stories of loved ones, fathers, mothers, husbands, wives, sisters, brothers all climbing from family grave plots to attack their own families were even harder to believe. An even more unbelievable story that the Necromancer who commanded this horde rode a massive black reptile that would dwarf a land-sloth!

Timan was to learn a great many things in a short amount of time. That the Gift was inherent in his bloodline! That his own mother was actually one of the mysterious Sisters of Allamar and the most powerful Sorceress in the land! I played through both the Horde and Alliance campaigns in the Battle for Azeroth expansion pre-patch, which has been going on for several weeks now. I have multiple max-level characters in both factions, so I've seen almost all of the content that the game offers currently and in beta concerning the upcoming faction conflict and Sylvanas herself.

The Alliance campaign makes no bones about Sylvanas' status as evil incarnate: You see peaceful night elves in their next-to-nothing classic armor getting mowed down by those mean old evil Horde, and the beloved World Tree Teldrassil set aflame, slaughtering a thousand innocents. In the retaliatory attack on the Ruins of Lordaeron, the undead home city, you watch as Sylvanas orders her armies to rain down the Blight -- Warcraft's answer to chemical weapons -- on Alliance and Horde soldiers alike, killing all of them so she can raise them as skeletons to fight on.

Ostensibly this war is about a substance known as Azerite, which can empower weapons and armor, which has Sylvanas so concerned about the fragile peace between the factions that she's willing to lob a bomb into the middle of it to prevent the Alliance from having any. Realistically, it's apparent her motivations are a bit more murky. Alliance and Horde viewpoints are typically different in cinematics and storyline. In the prelude to the Legion expansion, for example, it appears to Alliance players that the Horde abandons them in their hour of need as they jointly fight the demons, resulting in the death of Alliance faction leader King Varian Wrynn.

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From the Horde side , you see Warchief Vol'jin struck down and the Horde forces under fire, requiring the army to withdraw and regroup if they would survive. Not so in the story leading up to Battle for Azeroth. The Horde questline's view of the world is strikingly similar to the Alliance version.

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The rogue Lorash accompanies you, striking down the targets you mark. You personally mow down armies of night elves defending their cities and their territory as you march toward Teldrassil, burning their ancient trees, slaughtering their troops and quite literally hearing their screams in combat as you advance. As the pit lord released a devastating explosion in his death throes, a stunned Garrosh picked himself up off the ground and dived for Grom, pulling him out of harm's way.

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  • This reflects another departure from the prime universe, in which Grom slew Mannoroth only to be killed by the resulting explosion. With the Legion's plot foiled, Gul'dan was imprisoned, and the united Iron Horde was revealed. Grommash proclaimed a glorious future for their people and launched a campaign across the continent to conquer or destroy all opposition. Gul'dan's plans to invade Azeroth were also re-purposed to suit this new Horde. Grommash Hellscream as seen in the Warlords of Draenor cinematic. Grommash Hellscream sent an emissary to the ogres at Highmaul , who explained that they would have to prove their worth or be made extinct.


    A few hours later the Iron Horde began to lay siege to Highmaul under Grom's command. Not long after Imperator Mar'gok , seeing that the Iron Horde could possibly seize Highmaul, sought peace with the Iron Horde and personally met with Grommash. During this meeting, Imperator Mar'gok remarked that even with their strength the Iron Horde was weak due to lacking the magical prowess of the ogre-magi. The Imperator then remarked that even if the Iron Horde did claim Highmaul, they would lose an entire year in removing the bodies so they could successfully live within the city.

    Grommash in response retorted that not only would they win, but that they had no desire to dwell within Highmaul; they simply wanted the ogres dead. However he did acknowledge the might of their sorcery and ordered the Imperator to teach them their arts, and in return, the ogres would be spared. After a brief council, Imperator Mar'gok tried to get Hellscream to call off the siege before beginning the training of orc mages, pointing out that each ogre death was one less person who could teach the orcs.

    However, Hellscream was adamant that the ogres teach them the magic of the breakers immediately, and knowing he had no choice if he wished to save Highmaul Imperator Mar'gok conceded to his demands. At Hellscream's command Imperator Mar'gok and his ogres fought orc warlocks who the Iron Horde had taken prisoner and after witnessing the ogres winning despite the losses they suffered Grommash called off the siege of Highmaul and declared the ogres of Highmaul to be henceforth servants of the Iron Horde.

    Approaching the Imperator, the Warchief of the Iron Horde ordered him to deliver all orc slaves in Highmaul to Kargath Bladefist and warned that any attempt at treachery or rebellion would see them returning to claim his blood. As the Warchief of the Iron Horde , Grommash exerts authority over most of the orc clans [7] excepting those who rejected membership, such as the Frostwolf clan , the Laughing Skull , the Bonechewer and the Shadowmoon Exiles.

    Battle For Azeroth Controversially Turns Half Of 'Warcraft' Players Into Villains

    He named Garrosh the new warlord of the Warsong clan and gave him his Gorehowl. He set out to conquer the draenei strongholds of Shattrath in Talador , and their holy temple in Shadowmoon Valley , as well as the Frostwolf holdouts in Frostfire Ridge. Among his orders were doubling of research and engineering efforts at the Iron Siegeworks in Frostfire Ridge, forcing rylaks of Shadowmoon Valley into submission, as well as subdue and subvert the magic of the arakkoa.

    This section concerns content related to Warlords of Draenor. Grommash is first seen after the Dark Portal is destroyed in Tanaan Jungle , standing upon a rise with the other Warlords. He commands his forces to attack the Azerothians and the rescued Frostwolf and draenei prisoners, but they escape to the harbor and sail off to safety.

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    However, as they leave he threatens to find them and make them pay for disrupting his plans. Some time later, Ner'zhul showed the warchief the power of the Dark Star when he summoned Arkeddon. Grommash, impressed, ordered the invasion of Karabor to begin. After one of the Azerothian commanders had been captured by Azuka Bladefury and imprisoned in Mok'gol Watchpost , they witnessed a council meeting between Hellscream, Bladefury and Blackhand.

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    He berated Blackhand for allowing the Alliance and Horde forces to continue to assault the Foundry , and also inquires into the status of Bladefury's plan. After the meeting, he departs to Tanaan. He is later briefly seen with Kargath in Highmaul , capital of ogres, with whom the Iron Horde had allied, and observes Kargath in the coliseum. When Kargath dies and Cho'gall enters, Grommash is already gone.

    He then declares that if they dare challenge him, he will be waiting in Tanaan, which at this point, he and his forces retreat through the gates. Gul'dan approaches Grommash at Bladefury's Command in Talador and mocks the Iron Horde's failures and losses, which include the death of the Warchief's son; a point that Gul'dan punctuates by throwing Gorehowl at Grom's feet. Gul'dan re-opens his invitation to drink the blood of Mannoroth. Grommash, saddened by his son's death and wishing to preserve his honor, does not agree to Gul'dan's offer and attempts to strike him down, only to be effortlessly incapacitated by the warlock's magic.

    Gul'dan opens the offer to all other orcs present, promising them power like his if they accept. Kilrogg steps up in order to drink the blood, with Grommash urging him in vain not to do so. After Kilrogg's transformation, Gul'dan takes control of the Iron Horde. Grommash was held captive by Gul'dan and taken to a vantage point in Tanaan Jungle , overlooking his iron citadel. Gul'dan mocked Grom for his choices, and bathed the citadel in twisted fel-blood to better serve his needs.

    Grom's will is not yet broken, however; he ensured his usurper that the heroes who had challenged his Iron Horde would defy Gul'dan and the Legion also. Grommash is later encountered in Hellfire Citadel under captivity of the demonic commander Fel Lord Zakuun. He gains his freedom after the demon's death, claiming his axe and leaving to confront Gul'dan.

    Grom is present during the battle against Archimonde at the Black Gate. He fights alongside Khadgar , Yrel , and champions of Azeroth in overcoming the mighty demon lord, although Gul'dan escapes his wrath. After the battle, Grommash proclaims the victory and the freedom of Draenor to the gathered soldiers, and will work to rebuild his world alongside his former enemies. Grommash being tortured by Fel Lord Zakuun.

    This section concerns content related to Battle for Azeroth. The draenei and orcs lived together in peace for years, but when the naaru arrived, the draenei became fanatical and attempted to forcibly convert the orcs to the Light.